You have found your way into Urho's musical world. Urho is a band! The group was formed in Kouvola, Finland back in 1997. In these pages you will find some of the band's recordings from the latest recordings to the early tapes, some photos and a lot of stuff in Finnish. Please go and check Radio Urho and listen. Hope you enjoy!

UPDATE, September 2022: Urho has had an active summer with four gigs in Kotka, Hamina and Kouvola regions. Two of the gigs were performed together with Keke Kumanto who plays percussion, guitar and sings. Both of these gigs were quite special as they were played on islands nearby Hamina and Kotka. Urho practices nowadays in Kotka and plans to continue performing again in the coming months.

UPDATE, July 2020: Urho will have two gigs in Hamina, the first one will take place at S/S Hyöky with Pjongjang Cowboys on July 24, 2020. Later on September 5, 2020 the band will play an acoustic set near Hamina Bastion. Both sets will include a great mix of Urho's own music and selected cover songs. Hope to see you there!

UPDATE, May 2019: Acoustic gig in Hamina on May 18, 2019. Earlier in the spring the band was in the studio to record two new songs on analog tapes. The project will continue later this year.

UPDATE, December 2017: Great gig at Sam's Pub on Dec 9, 2017! We played a 2-hour set of our songs from the last 20 years we've been playing together and received a warm response from the audience.

UPDATE, March 2017: New compilation is coming out on CD in April, 2017. Stay tuned for more information!

UPDATE, December 2016: The band is currently working on a compilation album to celebrate its 20-year anniversary. The album will be out during the upcoming spring. We have also managed to collect a small series of unpublished live videos from some of our earlier gigs. As we do not play live every day, it is a pleasure to share this rare live footage for you. Please take a look at the links below and enjoy:


UPDATE, January 2015: The band is up and running, but plans for the new year are still open. Last year we worked with some new acoustic recordings that will hopefully be released in some format later this year. Live gigs were few, but enjoyable. To learn more about our music, please check RADIO URHO. Have a great year 2015!

UPDATE, August 2013: Urho has had an active season during the past months. Two new acoustic studio tracks were completed in July at SonicImage studio. Tasters of these will follow later. Our vocalist Satu got unexpected fame on her vacation in Gümbet, Turkey, as our song "Mustavalkoinen" was introduced in a few local bars during Satu's visit. Way to go! Urho is also making a live comeback in the coming weeks, as we will be playing in Hamina, Finland on 20th September in the Valojen yö -event. Meanwhile, please go and enjoy our music at RADIO URHO.

UPDATE, April 2010: Urho has released a remastered version of the band's second long play "Urho II". The cd was originally recorded in 2000 in J-J Nippala's Funny Farm Studios. The new edition has enhanced sound quality and now it really rocks! This is probably the most important record from the band's early years. READ MORE. If you are interested to hear more, please contact us:

UPDATE, December 2009: THE NEW ALBUM IS HERE! The first edition of Urho's new long play "Kotiin"/"The Way Home" has been released. The cd contains 8 new songs and 48 minutes of music in total. The music was recorded in SonicImage's studio by J-J Nippala during last summer. He has also mixed and mastered the record. Some of the new songs are available at RADIO URHO. For further questions please contact us:

UPDATE, June 2009: The band has started to record new music for a potential new cd. Most of the studio work is still to come, but we expect to have the final mixes ready later in the autumn 2009. Stay tuned!

UPDATE, April 2009: A short while ago one of our fans had found a RECENT REVIEW of our band's first album (released 1999). The reviewer cannot really make any sense of the Finnish booklet, but he seems to appreciate the music. It is a mystery how the cd has ended up in the hands of the reviewer, but it does not matter, since the review itself gives us a boost to go on and produce new music. We will definately take the advice seriously :-)

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